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After School Photo Booth by aychh
After School Photo Booth
lamp, ham, skunk, and kato (rainbow parakeet) when they were younger, hanging out and taking photo booth pics after school! 
Robin Nest by aychh
Robin Nest
the most quiet of the girls…robin rarely ever talks and very much so keeps to herself. she’s fond of her n her sisters’ room and the more time she gets to spend in there alone, the better. ideally, she would like to be more outgoing, but she’s nervous about people not liking her, despite her pretty normal interests and hobbies for a tween. robin is very sweet and understanding, but doesn’t put much trust or faith in others. 

the reason: her ‘curse’ is that she can tell what someone’s secrets are by looking at a person. most would think this is an advantage but outside of being able to tattle on her sisters here and there, she thinks it is a huge burden. of course, not everyone has very happy secrets and she feels like she has to live with everyone else’s shame, regrets, etc. to get a break she takes to writing them all down in her diary, to clear her mind!! she doesn’t like to let on the extent of her ability to anyone… not even her family, so they arent even aware of how much she knows. 
Four Clover by aychh
Four Clover

the most bubbly of the bunch!! clover always seems to be in a good mood and nothing gets her down. her most favourite place is the mall and she is really into clothes. she can’t step out of the house unless every component of her outfit is perfectly matching! she also often acts as the ‘middle ground’ between her sisters when they’re fighting, and is very good at resolving conflict. she doesn’t have many friends, so her hope is that she can have friends in her sisters. though, they aren’t always so receptive to her and regard her as too sensitive and a bit of a hoarder - her clutter somehow finds its way into all their closets!!

unfortunately, her ‘curse’ is that no matter what, she causes real bad luck to whoever sticks around her too long. she feels really sad and guilty about it, in a way that is why she is always so peppy - so at least even if she’s gonna cause someone a bad day, she’ll be a pleasant presence in the meantime!! 

Prime Rose by aychh
Prime Rose

the oldest out of the eight lamp girls!! but unfortunately, probably the most immature. she is incredibly rebellious and contrary just for the sake of being so, and doesn’t get along with much anyone. but, one of her good points is that she has a very strong sense of morality…almost too strong, in that she always wants to make sure karma bites ppl back! her favourite things to do are scribbling her name all over things, exploring the dump, and concocting bizarre smoothie soda combinations at the gas station on the edge of town……it used to be at the mall theater, until she got banned for life (a story that seems to change every time she tells it) 

unlike her sisters, her ‘curse’ doesn’t seem to have any potential advantage - she can shapeshift a little, but only into horrific grotesque goopy monsters..,it scares even her, and she is afraid to tell anyone. she pretends she is totally normal and its her sisters that are the weird ones!! 

Game Night by aychh
Game Night
there is this type of meme lately where there is like a funny 'stock' situation and you're supposed to redraw it with your ocs or favourite characters so...i did one, with tezuka villains! 


United States
my name is hope!!

:star: Skype - hopdooby
:star: Storenvy - milyi

c-c-c-catch the wave!!
greetings, friends. i finally buckled down and made a storenvy! please feel free to check it out over at so far i have up a variety of things like shoes, a munny, an original piece, and some sticker sets. i am really happy to have this all set up so it's a much more streamlined process! i hope to put up some more cool stuff in the near future. i still include a little surprise gift and letter with each order, too! any support is greatly appreciated. and, as you know, i'm always happy to hear any feedback or suggestions. maybe even what you'd like to see more of! :heart:
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